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China Fabric Factory

We are one of the professional Fabric factory in China. We sell different types of Fabric. We can design and produce the Fabric according to your requirements. We can accept OEM, ODM and Wholesale orders. Our company was Founded in 2008. Our two factories locate in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We also have garments production line. We can make the garments according to your requirement.


  • 12 years focus on designing, manufacturing, marketing and serving of various Fabric.
  • Fabric being designed and manufactured fully according to user’s requirements.
  • We have our own 90,000 square meters workshop with more than 500 experienced workers and engineers, which give us ability to convert customer’s Fabric ideas into real Fabric at competitive price.
  • We fully carry out ISO9001 quality management system, all of our Fabric are in accordance with CE certifications and other international standards.
  • We try our best to protect our dealer, not only Fabric quality, but also market price, so they can focus on marketing.

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WhatsApp:  0086 18565096125 

Email: contact@cantoninterpreter.com
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Mobile Number:  0086 18565096125